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Martha Myers


Ruth's workshops provided a safe and warm space to explore what consent and sex means to me. These subjects are often sensitive and/or taboo, however Ruth facilitated these discussions with such an attentive and non-judgemental approach it made everyone in the group feel comfortable and able to open-up. I learnt about the 'grey lines' of consent and was so inspired, I encouraged my partner and other friends to attend the workshop to deepen their understandings too. I am now much more comfortable and able to own my emotions and body in sexual relationships due to Ruths workshops. It made me realise sex is about dialogue and communication and I would encourage anyone who wishes to feel more comfortable in their own skin and with others to attend. 

Kathryn Pearson

Edinburgh University Women's Liberation Officer

This consent workshop finally allowed profound conversations beyond yes-means-yes and no-means-no. What about when you can't articulate no? When you don't want to be doing something but again and again find yourself in situations where you are doing it anyway? What reasons might you say yes and does it matter? Where does blame lie in a world where we've been socialised to perform in gendered ways? This workshop provided space to admit such realities and truly reflect on how we engage with ourselves and each other while having sex. Ruth is an excellent facilitator, thinker, and lesson planner, and I deeply admire and trust the work that she does. 

Imogen Smith

Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative

Thought provoking and insightful - particularly the scenarios which Ruth conceived. they were an excellent tool for highlighting complexities surrounding consent, sparking discussion in the workshop and making me reconsider some of my own sexual experiences. These well thought out scenarios have stayed with me since the workshop ! Everyone should do this workshop, I cannot recommend enough.

Oliver Glick

Edinburgh University Students' Association

"What impressed me most about Ruth's workshop was that there's something for all levels of experience- the self reflective nature of the activities mean that everyone is engaged, and everyone takes something away."

Raquel Boso Perez

Relationships and Sex Educator

“If you are interested in moving past introductory discussions on consent and would like to explore its complexities and nuance you should attend Ruth's consent workshop. Ruth sensitively facilitates what can be an incredibly difficult conversation to have. Her workshop is a must for anyone interested in feminist activism and in challenging rape culture" 

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