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 training & consultancy
Institutions & professionals  

I support institutions & professionals in a variety of ways, including consultancy on sexual misconduct policies & procedures, RSE curriculum & provision, embedding trauma-informed practice, sexual & gender-based violence prevention, developing sex-positive and inclusive practice re gender, sex & relationship diversity.

mental healthcare
counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, support workers 

  working with young people
teachers, safeguarding/welfare/ pastoral support, rse educators, school/ college/ university managers/ leadership, youth workers 

sexual & gender-based violence sector
prevention, training, support & advocacy workers

private, public or third sector 

Please get in touch if you're interested in my work, and the options above don't apply to you! 

Amelia Jenkinson
Founder & CEO,
School of Sexuality Education 

"Ruth has provided excellent training for the School of Sexuality Education facilitation team. Ruth's training is interactive and engaging, and she takes the utmost care to ensure all participants feel comfortable at all times. Our team unanimously agreed that the training has been invaluable for their classroom practice. We feel very fortunate to have Ruth's expertise - couldn't recommend highly enough!"

Leah Jewett


outspoken sex ed

“I was so taken by Ruth’s inspiring style and the way she conveys ideas, draws people in and draws things out of them. Ruth is warm, empathic and insightful – and she has an engaging magnetism both personally and professionally. Plus being in her company is such good fun!”

kathryn pearson

womens' liberation officer,

edinburgh university

"This consent workshop finally allowed profound conversations beyond yes-means-yes and no-means-no. What about when you can't articulate no? When you don't want to be doing something but again and again find yourself doing it anyway? Where does blame lie in a world where we've been socialised to perform in gendered ways? This workshop provided space to admit such realities and truly reflect on how we engage with ourselves and each other"
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