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About RUTH 

I am a specialist trainer, facilitator, consultant & author in relationships & sexuality education (RSE),  sexual & gender-based violence (SGBV) and gender, sex & relationship diversity (GSRD). 

I provide workshops, CPD training, lectures and consultancy in a variety of community and professional settings on various topics related to sex, sexual identities, relationships and best-practice GBSV-prevention and response.

Over the past 12 years of researching, writing, training and consulting in this field, I've learnt just how transformative talking about sex and intimacy can be for people's health, safety and well-being.

why i do this work

I believe everyone has the right to sexual and emotional intimacy that is authentic, shameless &  joyful. Accessing this right is an uphill struggle for most of us, burdened as we are by living in a socially unequal world where sexual & gender-based violence is normalised & rife and where sexual shame & misinformation constitutes so much of the air we breathe. 


 I'm zealous about the transformative potential formal & informal conversations about sex & relationships have to clear this air. By challenging the culturally dominant narratives that sustain intimate violence, generate shame and stigmatise sexual, gender & relationship diversity, we can meaningfully promote collective liberation, pleasure and joy. 


I've been working in the RSE and SGBV sectors for over 10 years. Previous roles include Training Lead at a Rape Crisis Centre, Head of Training & Sexual Violence Specialist at the award-winning RSE provider The School of Sexuality Education and Helpline support worker at Rape Crisis Scotland.  I'm a trustee of award-winning charity The Spit It Out Project which promotes transformative responses to SGBV in communities &  co-author of Sex Ed: An Inclusive Teenage Guides to Sex and Relationships (Walker, 2021).

I am a founding partner of Training Works, where I continue to work with a team dedicated to sustainable & inclusive RSE/ GBSV, as well as training part-time to become a psychosexual therapist at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology.

I've delivered workshops. consultancy & CPD training to young people and adults in hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and private, public and third sector organisations. Institutions I've worked with include;

Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology- Diploma in psychosexual therapy, 2023-present  Lewisham Counselling and Counsellor Training Centre - L3 Counselling Skills, 2022 NSPCC - Child Protection in Schools, 2020 Phola’s COURAGE Methodology,  narrative therapy training for survivors of sexual trauma, 2020 The School of Consent - Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, 2019 Rape Crisis Scotland - Support Worker training, 2018 Scottish Women’s Aid - Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse, 2018 LGBT Scotland - Sexual Violence in the LGBT+ community, 2018 Shakti Women’s Aid - Domestic Abuse & 'Honour', 2017 University of Edinburgh- MA (Hons) in Philosophy, 2017 (Feminism, Ethics, Moral Responsibility & consent)

qualifications & training

"Ruth really seamlessly provided definitions and thoughtful responses to people’s questions. She cultivated a safe-feeling, exploratory environment. She kept away from academic language and put a lot of theory into understandable terms. I loved it"
"Ruth is a fantastic workshop leader- everything was so thoroughly planned and suited to meet our needs, all with a strong grounding in research"
"Ruth is an awesome facilitator and space-holder. I felt really safe and empowered to be able to delve into this pretty complex territory.  She evidently has a wealth of knowledge and I felt inspired by her passion"
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