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Come as You Are- Emily Nagoski 

Mating in Captivity- Esther Perel 


Just Sex? The cultural scaffolding of rape- Nicola Gavey 


Men Explain Things to Me and other essays- Rebecca Solnit 


The Will to Change, Men, Masculinity and Love- bell hooks


Not That Bad, Dispatches from Rape Culture - Roxanne Gay 


Female Chauvinist Pigs- Ariel Levy 


Revolting Prostitutes- Juno Mac and Molly Smith 


Delusions of Gender & Testosterone Rex- Cordelia Fine


The Macho Paradox- Jackson Katz 


The Body Keeps the Score- Bessel van der Kolk 


Your Silence Will Not Protect You - Audre Lourde 


Pornland, How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality - Gail Dines 




Oh Joy Sex Toy- Erika Moen- 


The Dirty Normal- Emily Nagoski- 


The Wheel of Consent- Betty Martin- 




Disability after Dark- Andrew Girza-


Sex is a Social Skill- Dawn Serra- 




Where Should We Begin- Esther Perel 


‘No’ - The Heart- Kaitlin Prest 


Articles / Essays/ stories- 


The Consent Castle 


White women drive me crazy- Aisha Mirza 


Cat Person- Kristen Roupenian 


The Female Price of Male Pleasure- Lili Loofbourow 


Videos / talks- 


Le Clitoris 


The Problem with Wokeness- Ayishat Akanbi 


Beyond the Cliff- Laura van Dernoot Lipsky 


F**k Yes- Consent is Sexy 

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