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better sex workshops faqs

  • Workshops involve facilitated reflection, discussions, activities & games designed to explore, challenge, educate, prompt curiosity, inspire reflection & build solidarity

  • Workshops are interactive, discursive, experiential and rely on at least some participants feeling comfortable to actively participate- they aren't lectures! (So far, every group of participants has reflected the normal range of comfort/confidence to actively participate. Workshops are facilitated with sensitivity to the reality of how feeling comfortable is not static, but an ever-changing process in relation to new content / experiences moment-to-moment.)

  • Every activity/discussion is an invitation- nothing is mandatory 

  • None of the workshops involve any sexual activity of any kind (!)

  • Whilst they are warmly welcomed to, there is no expectation that participants will disclose anything about their own sexual preferences or experiences at any point. Participants will be able to engage fully in all aspects of the workshops without discussing their personal lives* 

  • Standard workshops are 3hrs minimum, 6hrs maximum (breaks included)

  • Delivered online & offline 

what do better sex workshops involve? 

  • Yes! Everyone 18+ welcome! 

  • Please get in touch if you'd like Better Sex Workshop for young people 13- 18yrs. I have delivered Better Sex Workshops to folk in this age range before, and would love to again! (Obviously, content amended to suit context! ) 

  • I have delivered these workshops to people of all sorts of  cultural + religious + political backgrounds, genders, sexualities and professions 

  • People often assume these workshops are mainly for women. This isn’t true! I despair at how inaccessible so much sex-positive discourse is for men/ masc-identifying folk & emphatically invite you into my workshops for this reason. All genders welcome! 

  • Sometimes attendance is restricted to those of a particular social group ( eg LGBTQIA+- only or global majority/ people of colour-only). This will always be clearly signposted on promo material for that particular event and isn’t the norm! 

  • For most people, it can feel intimidating/exposing to attend something like this- that’s normal! Kudos for even considering leaving your comfort zone! Feel free to reach out in advance with any questions/concerns

are better sex worshops for me?


Sign up to the mailing list for info on upcoming workshops or please get in touch if you’d like to book for your event / team / social / organisation 

how can i attend one?

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