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The Better Sex Workshop Series

An opportunity to explore sex and pleasure in a truly inclusive, sex-positive and non-judgmental space 

Sex doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our culture and history and experiences and politics all come with us into the bedroom. This workshop will provide the space for participants to reflect upon and challenge the sexual norms of our society, and the effect these have on our sex lives.    


This workshop explores the complexity of sexual consent and the differences between good sex, bad sex and rape- a personally and politically fraught subject that is too often handled without nuance, compassion or kindness.  Asking these frank and uncomfortable questions is crucial to cultivating a thoughtful and honest understanding of what it actually means to consent to have sex with someone, and what it means not to. 




This workshop is an opportunity to develop an understanding of what trauma is and how it operates in our bodies and minds. This workshop aims to empower participants by providing psycho-education on trauma theory, as well as providing a calm, non-judgmental space in which participants are invited to reflect on their own experiences. 

Quite rightly, those of us involved in work to do with sex and gender spend a lot of time focusing on sexual violence- its causes and effects and ways we can prevent it and support those who have survived it. What is often missing or marginalised in these conversations is an exploration of why many of us have sex in the first place- for pleasure. This workshop is an inclusive and sex-positivel investigation into what sexual pleasure means and an exploration of ways to experience as much of it as possible. 


Upcoming workshops

Bridgend Farmhouse, Saturdays in November

Workshop 1 - The Sexual Script - Saturday 9th November 1.30-6pm

Workshop 2 - ‘Bad Sex’ - Saturday 16th November 1.30-6pm

Workshop 3 - Trauma isn’t Sexy - Saturday 23rd November 1.30-6pm
Workshop 4 - Pleasure - Saturday 30th November 3.30-8.00pm

Transmission Gallery, Sundays in November
Workshop 1 - The Sexual Script - Sunday 3rd November 11.30-4pm
Workshop 2 - ‘Bad Sex’ - Sunday 10th November 11.30-4pm

Workshop 3 - Trauma isn’t Sexy - Sunday 17th November 11.30-4pm
Workshop 4 - Pleasure - Sunday 24th November 9-1.30pm


Workshop - The Sexual Script - Sunday 1st December 12.00-4pm

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