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RUTH Eliot

Intentions, values & experience

Hello! I am a trainer and workshop facilitator in sex-positive, pleasure-centred, non-binary, intersectionally feminist and trauma-informed relationships and sex education and sexual /gender-based violence prevention.

I provide workshops, trainings, talks and consultancy in a variety of community and professional settings on a range of topics under the broad categories of relationships and sex education, sexual violence and trauma.

I’m based between Edinburgh and London, and in normal times love to travel for work.

  • My workshops are discursive, nonjudgmental, informal and sensitive to the statistical reality that there will always be survivors in the room.

  • I strive for my workshops to be accessible to all- no prior knowledge or understanding of the topics is assumed- and I seek to empower all attendees to fully participate and engage through providing, wherever possible.

  • I consider this work to be a form of social justice activism, and seek to provide a radical educational space where we sensitively navigate the tension between identifying with our structural discerners as folk with particular genders / ethnicities / sexual orientations / class heritages / abilities / education levels /nationalities / ages / shapes / sizes / survivorship, and identifying with our fundamental and unifying humanity.

  • I seek to take accountability for how I work, and sincerely invite feedback link to contact form when I inevitably fall short in maintaining inclusivity / accessibility. 

Previous Work

  • Lighthouse -Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop, September  2019

  • Transmission Gallery, November 2019

  • Bridgend Community Centre, November 2019

  • Novalis Ubuntu Centre, February 2020

  • Resisting Whiteness Conference, September 2019

  • SHRUB Cooperative, 2019

  • African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, March 2018

  • Rape Crisis Cape Town, March 2018

  • Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit, University of Cape Town, February 2018

  • LGBT Youth Scotland, 2018

  • Edinburgh University Housing Cooperative, 2018

  • The Candid Collective, collaborator.

  • Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre: Perth and Kinross, Training Coordinator, 2018-2019

  • Rape Crisis Scotland National Helpline,  Support Worker​, 2018-2019

  • The Consent Collective, panelist​, 2019

  • The Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit, education resource consultant​, 2018

  • Sexpression: Edinburgh, training and lesson planning / resource coordinator 2016-2017

  • Brook, Sex and Relationships education consultant​, 2017

  • School of Sexuality Education, Trainer and Workshop Facilitator, 2020- present.

  • Spit it Out Project, founding member and trainer. It is with members of the Project that the Better Sex Series, is currently being produced.

Qualifications & Training

The School of Consent   - Understanding Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, 2019
Linda Hill - Trauma, Resourcing  and The Window of Tolerance, 2019
LGBT Scotland - Sexual Violence in the LGBT+ community, 2018
Shakti Women’s Aid - Domestic Abuse, Honour and BME women, children and young people, 2017
Sexpression: UK - teacher training, Child Protection, 2016
University of Edinburgh- MA (Hons) in Philosophy with a focus on Feminism, Ethics, Sexual Violence and Moral Responsibility (research theses include ‘Is Feminism compatible with Multiculturalism?’ and ‘Does the unwitting rapist deserve blame?’), 2017


BetterSex Workshop Feedback

‘Ruth is an awesome facilitator and space-holder. I felt really safe and empowered to be able to delve into this pretty complex territory.  She evidently has a wealth of knowledge and I felt inspired by her passion for helping people to transcend the societal script that is ingrained in us all’

‘The content of the workshop is so important and i wish everybody could attend. Ruth really seamlessly provided definitions and thoughtful responses to people’s questions and cultivated a safe-feeling, exploratory environment. She kept away from academic language and put a lot of theory into understandable terms. I loved it’


‘Thanks for the great facilitation, making me feel comfortable but also the right level of challenge whilst still feeling safe and like I had permission to step away if I needed to. It was good to explore all these issues and deepen my understanding in a safe space. Ruth was a fun and engaging facilitator, made everyone’s contribution welcome and valued’


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